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Match Report: Mixed Results in the Cup & League

The weekend's matches provided a mix of results for Newark HC. The ladies only saw two teams playing as the Ladies 1s lost 8-0 to Ashbourne HC and the Ladies 3s lost out 2-1 in penalties after a 0-0 draw against Beeston. Meanwhile the men's 2s had a week off and the 1s continued their push for promotion and the 3s sought to stabilise results.

Mens 1s

Newark made the long trip to face a recently relegated Buxton team, Newark did not know what to expect. This was not the only issue the team faced. Newark only had a full 11 5 minutes before the start time but this did not stop them from trying to get a very quick warm up in. The game started and as expected Newark were put straight on the back foot with the fully warm Buxton team applying pressure but the Newark defence held strong keeping the constant waves of attacks out. Newark started to put themselves back into the game and after only 9 minutes they had the lead after a fantastic run from with in his own half, Tom Smith skipped past numerous Buxton players before taking the ball on his reverse stick and placing the shot low and hard into the corner. This Goal settled Newark and they started to take control of the game moving the ball around the back comfortably allowing Newark’s attacking players to move in-between the Buxton players and to create chance after chance after chance but they were not able to convert these chances until Sam smith stepped up and slotted the ball into the back of the net. Newark played out the rest of the half in control of the game but were unable to score. At half time Newark knew how important it was for them to get the next goal and they made sure they did when Jack McMunn stole the ball off the Buxton left back allowing Sam smith to power into the ‘D’ and slipping the ball to the unmarked Alex Davies who was able to put the ball into the empty net. Newark carried on to push for more goals, and they were rewarded only a few minutes later when Newark broke down the right hand side this time with Ryan foster taking on a few Buxton players and slipping the ball again to Alex Davies who powered the ball pass the on rushing Buxton goalkeeper into the back of the net. At this point coach Paul Halfpenny made an inspired substituting taking Davies off and bringing Simon Higgs on who with only his 1st touch he found himself one on one with the keeper, where he took the ball round the keeper and slotted the ball into the now empty goal. Newark kept pushing but they were unable to add another to their total with Buxton throwing their bodies on the line at every opportunity to try and stop Newark. They managed to do so finishing the game 5-0.

Man of the match: Craig Joynes Goals: Alex Davies x2, Tom Smith, Sam Smith, Simon Higgs.

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