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Match Report: Ladies 3s, Division 1 champions!

It was an early start for Newark 3s and the team were missing most of the back line up but they welcomed the support of Niamh McDermott, Ali Wells and Lily Gray and were lively and positive for the game ahead. This showed immediately as Newark dominated with effective passing from Sara Jackson back in her former left back position, Tash Gresswell on left wing, Zoe White centre mid and Ann Crockett Mclean up front. Boots 6s were not prepared and Anne found the back of the net just 4 mins into the game. Newark kept up the same amount of pressure and Jacky Nullis, Laura McMunn being backed up by Ali Wells attacked from the right securing a short corner. A very well worked slip left, left post, over to right post just couldn't be defended against and Tash found space behind the goalkeeper. Sideline coach Paul halfpenny was impressed but continued to feed support and tips onto the pitch. One of these for Anne to "fake shoot" at the goalkeeper and Anne scored again faking left and hitting straight past on the right.

HT 3-0.

Newark started the second half strong but Boots caught defence sleeping and managed to get into Newarks D but Sara and Rachel Spolton calmly blocked any attempts on goal eventually forcing Boots to make the mistakes. Newark didn't let this happen again and spent the final 30mins attacking. Laura, now playing up front, played tactically in the D opening up endless opportunities and securing short corners, one of which wasn't immediately successful but after endless rebounds Newark kept possession and found Laura on right post. Then Tash acted quick again on the left post and hit away Newark's 5th. The 6th goal came from some consistent right wing play from Izzy Wells getting past a few players to enter the D and strike on goal. Boots just couldn't get the ball back over the half way line as any hit outs were thwarted by Maddie Horrocks and Zoe White who dominated the centre mid positions, driving into the D and securing several short corners for Newark with Rachel being successful with a straight strike in the left corner to get Newark's 7th.

Final whistle 7-0 and Newark have not only secured promotion, they have won the league with 2 games left. Captain Jacky Nullis commented "this has been a team effort all season" before heading off on her holidays and missing the final 2 matches.

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