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Our Club News & Match Reports

Match Report: 18/19th November

Men’s 1st Team: Newark (away) v Melton 1st Team

Final Score: Newark 2 – 7 Melton

Position in East Midlands Premier League (1st teams): 11th out of 11. East Mids Prem League (1sts)

Men’s 2nd Team: Newark (home) v Mansfield 2nd Team

Final Score: Newark 0 – 8 Mansfield

Position in East Midlands Premier League (2nd teams): 12th out of 12. East Mids Prem League (2nds)

Narrative: First half saw Mansfield score 6 goals to zero. Second half saw Newark improve their performance but still saw Mansfield score two more goals whilst Newark were unable to break their scoring duck.

Men’s 3rd team: Newark (away) v Melton 3rd Team

Final Score: Newark 0 – 6 Melton

Position in East Midlands 1 League (3rd teams): 11th out of 11. East Mids 1 League (3rds)

Narrative: Newark 3rd team arrived at Melton just as the 1st team were finishing their game with the Melton 1st team. As the team arrived we witnessed the final goal from Melton, and the final riposte from Newark. Although Newark 1sts had lost, we still felt relatively upbeat, as we had faired well against a previous game with Melton, and ready for a good run-out and give them a challenge. The game started off well, with play ranging across the field. However a few unforced errors on behalf of Newark showed the opposition that there were opportunities to be had and they took advantage. After about 7 minutes of play Melton scored their first. Newark’s players had been here many times before and were unbowed, however again some sloppy play on the Newark side gave Melton the ability to snatch the ball and take it swiftly to the D and across the goal lime. By the end of the first half, the game was led by Melton 4-0.

The half time talk was upbeat; we acknowledged we should play the simple game, but that we had pace over Melton and even though losing we could still see the potential to bring it back in the 2nd half. Coach James Barker pointed out some of the options available in order to reach for victory, which gave a positive vibe. Newark played a better 2nd half, with the play delving further into the Melton half. With some adventurous runs by the captain Dave Fellows, along with midfielders Paul Halfpenny and David Woods, it felt we were gaining the upper hand. With an impressive strike into the D towards the Melton goal right hand post by Paul Halfpenny, Fred Pearce found himself just inches too far from converting to a goal. Unfortunately and against the run of play Melton still managed to take another 2 goals. The game seemed over too quickly and was played in good spirits by both sides. Newark took away some valuable learning points for the future and look forward to the home game.

Ladies’ 1st Team: Newark (at home) v Ashbourne 1st Team

Final Score: Newark 2-2 Ashbourne

Position in Midlands Feeder East: 5th out of 10

Narrative: The Lady’s first team were quickly in to lead with a goal from Laura Donaldson. However, Ashbourne pulled one back before the half time break. The 2nd half started off much like the first with virtually equal play, however part way through the second half there was a lengthy pause through a head injury; fortunately the player although having to attend hospital was repaired after a few stiches and hope to see her again next week. Vicky McMunn scored for Newark with 10 minutes to go and it all seemed to be in the bag for Newark, but with a final surge Ashbourne equalised for a second time with a few minutes to spare.

Player of the match (shared): Sarah Pask, Hannah Beckett and Vicky McMunn

Ladies’ 2nd Team: Newark (away) v Nottingham Trent University 1st Team

Final Score: Newark 0- 5 Nottingham Trent University

Position in Premier Division: 9th out of 12.

Player of the match: Amber Smith

Ladies’ 3rd Team: Newark (at home) v Boots 4th Team

Final Score: Newark 3-1 Boots

Position in Division 1: 8th out of 12.

Narrative: A cold but sunny morning greeted the Ladies’ 3rd team as they welcomed Boots 4's to Magnus. A loss against Boots 5th team a couple of weeks previous meant Newark were geared up for a challenge! Newark’s strong mentality showed from the off, with Newark quickly intercepting a Boots push back. Ann Crockett-McLean and Tash Gresswell passed the ball between them to get into the opposition’s D but the shot on goal went wide.

Boots woke up, realising they weren't going to have an easy ride. Newark made the mistake of not playing to the whistle, stopping when a foot got in the way of the ball. Boots took the opportunity and pushed into the D, taking a shot on goal, which was expertly saved by Freya Grocock - but the umpire deemed it to be "high" and Boots were awarded a penalty corner which they duly converted. With Boots taking the lead, Newark were unnerved which sent them into a panic, and play became scrappy whenever Boots entered Newark’s D. Despite this, Newark gradually regained their composure and Jacky Nullis made an excellent tackle and passed the ball on to Gabby Lucas on the right wing. She used her pace to run the ball up the wing, drawing a defender with her. A superb cross to Tash Gresswell in the D saw her calmly slot the ball past Boots’ keeper to even the score just before half time. Half time 1-1.

Newark calmed down and played more strongly in the 2nd half. Newark’s defence showed themselves to be solid with Emily Crisp coordinating Louise Goodman, Hannah Bond and Rachel Spolton. Multiple hit outs were intercepted by Boots but Newark kept plugging away; Tash Gresswell trying the left first then Bea Smith giving the right a go. Sara Jackson had another attempt on the right and Suzie Gray opted for the middle. All efforts were thwarted until Sara Jackson made a breaking run from the top of the Newark D-line, deftly passing the ball on to Suzie Gray, who ran the ball straight up the middle and scored to take Newark ahead.

Newark secured their lead with Sara Jackson picking up the ball on the 25 yd. line and making another run down the middle, scoring with a cracking reverse stick shot. Determined to keep the advantage, Newark played defensively for the remainder; Midfielders Zoe White and Maddie Horrocks showed stamina as they ran back to support. Boots secured a couple of penalty corners in the last 10 minutes but Newark kept them at bay and finished with another 3 points.

Player of the match: Sara Jackson

Ladies’ 4th Team: No match this weekend.

Ladies’ O35s

Newark Ladies O35s were due to play North Notts Ladies O35s however the game was cancelled due to a frozen pitch.

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