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Match Report: Saturday 23rd March - Ladies 2s secure promotion!

Ladies 1s vs Repton

The ladies 1’s lost 4-2 in against the talented Repton. The opposition started strong scoring 3 goals in the first half but after a half time talk, Newark gained composure and scored two goals from penalty corners, both by Katie Sandell making it 3-2. In the final few minutes the Newark side were unlucky to conceed a defensive short corner which Repton converted. With one match to go this season, Newark are safe from relegation and are looking forward to next season.

Ladies 2s v Players 1s

Ladies 2's and coach Sally Halfpenny

In a nail-biting match, Newark pulled a win out of the bag securing them well-earned promotion to the Premiership. After relegation last season, the team have worked hard this year to remain in the top half of the table and have been sitting 2nd in the league for several weeks, fighting off stiff competition from Beeston. The final match was won in style with goals from Sara Jackson (2) and Shanade Bradley (2).

Ladies 3’s v Nottingham Uni

The 3’s have had a difficult season and have been in danger for several weeks of relegation into the league below with it all hanging on the final match. If the ladies had lost 10-0 or more to top of the table side Nottingham Uni, the Newark side would have been overtaken in the league by Players and relegated. After loosing 10-0 earlier in the season to the students and with several key players absent, the team had a tough match ahead. The Uni side have scored a whopping 111 goals over the season and had not lost a match yet, but despite this, Newark played a defensive game and with some incredible work in goal from Freya Grocock, the ladies kept the score to 9-0, meaning they will stay in the Championship for another season.

Men's 1s Vs Mansfield 1s

A solid performance that saw the men return to their passing game of hockey, taking thei time to spread the play and make Mansfield chase the game and putting a stop to Mansfield’s dream of promotion, final score 4-1 to Newark. Goals from Scott Robinson, Dan Beeching, Ryan Foster and Sam Smith.

Men of the match – John Reynolds, Emil Lin and Sam Smith

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