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Saturday 30th November

Newark Men’s 3s v North Notts 5s

On a cold and foggy afternoon at Magnus, the Third eleven continued their league programme against third placed North Notts V.

Newark soon took control of the game with good movement of the ball with Willis Gent opening the scoring. Although Newark were in control of the game they couldn't increase the score and at half time it was 1-0.

In the second half Newark couldn't maintain the control they had in the first half and allowed North Notts back into the game. A short corner saw North Notts equalise among minutes later a poor pass from Newark’s defence allowed North Notts to take the lead. Newark had numerous attempts to equalise but couldn't get that decisive touch.

With weather conditions worsening by the minute, North Notts captain decided to consult with the umpires for the game to be abandoned which if it had to the score would have stood. Fortunately, enough, players wanted to continue playing which was the incentive Newark needed to get back into the game.

Shortly after the restart Craig Joynes equalised with a penalty flick and then scored a second to put Newark in front. Willis Gent then added a fourth before Logan Tustin robbed Tom Dodd’s goal bound effort to give Newark a 5-2 victory.

Man of the match - Craig Joynes

Men’s 2s v Beeston 6s

Lost 2-4

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