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Saturday 14th December

Ladies Cup Match vs Ashbourne

Following their victory at Peterborough earlier in the season, the cup team comprising mainly 1st team players hosted Ashbourne Ladies at Magnus.

It was a cold morning with a low winter sun making playing conditions difficult but the Newark side looked strong in their warm up and benefitted from a squad of 14 unlike the opposition who had the bare 11. With a number of Newark supporters on the side line, the home side looked to have the advantage.

However, after a few minutes, Newark looked slow on the ball and Ashbourne took advantage, quickly slipping the ball around several Newark defenders and putting a goal away past GK George Barratt.

Newark looked shocked but rather than re-gaining composure, started to panic on the ball. Whilst attackers Lauren Selby and Rosie Staniforth made some leading runs up the pitch, a number of errors from the home side gave Ashbourne the opportunity to strike the ball to a goal hanging player in the Newark defensive quarter and the away side scored once again.

Coach Paul Halfpenny made some substitutions on the pitch and the team began to play together as a team. Megan Cocker made some key tackles on the wing distributing the ball to mid-fielders Sophie Chambers and Bea Smith.

Newark won a penalty corner, but a shot on goal was cleared by the impressive Ashbourne keeper. Frustrations rose in the team when several umpiring decisions were given to the away side and Ashbourne scored again before the half time whistle.

The Newark side regrouped and play improved in the second half. Captain Rachel Vickers stepped back into the sweeper position as Anna Hall pushed up the pitch working alongside Susan Tate in the screen to keep the Ashbourne attackers away from the Newark D.

Newark soon began to concede penalty corners despite working together much more coherently than in the first half, but Ashbourne could not get past the defence and the score remained 3-0.

A disappointing game for the Newark team who will have the chance to redeem themselves when they face Ashbourne in the league in January.

Player of the match – Rosie Staniforth.

Beeston 6s v Newark 4s Last Saturday, the Ladies 4s played against Beeston 6s. Despite their pushback and a strong start, in which they got to the opposition’s D, Newark, were soon seen as the weaker team. After 5 minutes, the game was trapped in the Newark D. With Beeston making a strong wall of field players. This layout was very effective against the Newark players. Beeston soon scored a goal and their play was very professional, as shown in their tactics across the pitch. With a firm dominance against the Newark players. But once Moira had passed the ball through the wall of Beeston players, Lucy and Sam worked well together to progressively get the ball into the Beeston D. Which lead to a short corner, which unfortunately did not end in a goal. Despite their efforts around the edge of the D, Newark’s defence once in the centre of the D lacked efficiency, and unfortunately goals were let in due to this. Final score : Beeston - Newark Player of the match - George Redican

Ladies 1s side a few weeks ago at Loughborough

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