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Saturday 1st February 2020

Saturday 1st February

Ladies 1s v Nottingham Trent Uni 1s

Newark played away at Nottingham Trent Uni this week facing their first ladies team who are looking for promotion this season, currently sitting 2nd in the league.

After losing 7-1 to the side earlier in the season and with the bare 11 players after several injuries from the previous week, Newark had their work cut out against a young squad of 15 players.

Right from the start of the match, NTU used their pace to move the ball around the pitch and pushed towards the Newark defensive quarter. Held off by Hayley Chaplin and Megan Cocker in the middle, Newark looked undeterred and after settling into the match, used the speed of wingers Bea Smith and Rosie Staniforth to their advantage.

NTU handled the pressure well and began to push their attacking players high, goal hanging behind sweeper Anna Hall. This drew the Newark defenders back, creating gaps in the middle of the pitch which NTU capitalised on making gains in the middle and having several shots on goal in the first twenty minutes.

Goalkeeper George Barratt made some cracking saves and dives but after conceding several short corners which Newark defended, NTUs finally put a scrappy goal away, shortly followed by another from open play.

After re-grouping at half time, Newark looked more aggressive on the ball, but with defender Megan Cocker sustained a knee injury taking the side down to 10 players, the away side began to look tired.

NTU put away another goal with a deflection from a shot on goal. A few minutes later, a fourth followed.

Not deterred, Newark continued fighting and won two penalty corners. Despite two awesome shots on goal from Hayley, Newark were unable to get on the score sheet.

Sophie Chambers then received her second green card of the game leaving Newark down to 9 players, but the team manged to hold the score and finished a tough match with a final score of 4-0 to NTU.

Player of the match – Rosie Staniforth

Ladies 2s v Boots

The 2’s played a hard-fought battle this week away at Boots. Due to an injury early on, the Newark side were forced to start with 10 players, but you wouldn’t have guessed it from their impressive attitude.

Boots were in top form and the defence suffered wave after wave of attacks which resulted in Newark being 4-0 down at half time.

Half way through the second half, Newark suffered another blow when a player endured a head injury meaning they were down to 9 players. Although clearly tired fighting against the 13 players of Boots, Newark never gave up and managed to keep the Boots players at bay.

A fantastic display of composure and determination meant the girls final score was 6-0.

Ladies 3s v Worksop 2s

It has been an extremely tough season for a young side and after a string of defeats, the ladies 3’s lost 1-0 to Worksop after managing to keep the score line 0-0 until the final ten minutes. Worksop finally broke the defence deflecting a shot on goal into the top corner to take the win.

Another incredible team performance.

Player - Ann Crockett-McLean

Ladies 4s v West Bridgford 5s

The beginning of the match was very even with most of the play in the middle of the pitch. Newark started strong, passing among their players but struggled to work their way up the pitch.

Soon, West Bridgford had made their way to the Newark D, but Newark’s strong defending prevented any goals. After this, as a team, Newark made their way up the pitch along the wing, Evie making some nice runs. After a short corner in the West Bridgford D, Moira managed to score an excellent goal that lifted Newark’s spirits.

In the second half, West Bridgford came back strong, working up the pitch as more of a team, which unfortunately lead to an equalising goal. Newark managed to quickly adapt to West Bridgford’s new style of play and soon were back in the West Bridgford quarter, although Newark didn’t manage to take the lead.

Towards the end of the second half, Newark started to lose the ball with some fatal mistakes made which were taken advantage of by West Bridgford. Final score, 3-1 to WB.

Player of the Match : Evie Archer-Dytch for her great runs - particularly in the second half.