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New partnership for 2020/21

Newark Hockey Club is pleased to announce a new partnership that we are embarking upon for the forthcoming 2020/12 season. You will recall that we undertook a member club-wide survey earlier in the year. The results were shared at the AGM, and since that time the committee has reflected upon them, and discussed the issues we have experienced over the past few years. We believe that the feedback from the survey showed that training, development of skills and support from coaches was in need of a shake-up. This is not an indictment of any of our coaches, as the club owes a great deal for the time our volunteers put in to developing players. However, it is an opportunity to improve upon what we do for the members, and for us to support our coaches to develop. For the 2020/21 season, Newark Hockey Club are engaging with Hurricane Sports ( to enhance the club’s coaching by supporting us to build a culture of both excellence and participation throughout all sections of the club. Many of our coaches have engaged with Gary Johnson and his team over the past year, through coach development. This partnership with Hurricane Sports is intended to build upon what we have achieved so far, ensure a strong focus is based on learning and development which can support long-term individual athlete and team success.

Ultimately, we want to create Newark coaches for Newark, and a key element will be a ‘grow our own’ coach development programme for sustainability of the club. So, what will it actually mean for members:

  • Each week a coach from Hurricane Sports will be at each senior session;

  • The coach will support our team coaches to ensure that delivery is meeting the needs of the club and players;

  • Regular opportunities for training and CPD for anyone wishing to coach – both informally and formal qualifications;

  • The coach will provide informed and impartial evidence and opinion on players to team selection;

  • A formal team selection process and policy will be implemented, which the whole club will abide by and will be transparent to our members;

  • The coach will regularly attend junior training, and provide support as necessary;

  • The club will adopt clear principles to which we will work towards;

  • This means a club wide common framework for all coaches to work from;

  • It does not mean a set way of playing as every team is different, but the principles will be similar and players moving up or down teams will therefore be familiar with these principles.

We are also pleased to announce the coaches for the season are:


  • Mens 1s and Ladies 1s - Glynn Willis

  • Mens 2s - John Reynolds

  • Ladies 2s – Laura Harris

  • Mens 3s – Paul Robinson-Marsh

  • Ladies 3s – Trish Trafford

  • Mens 4s – Adrian Parrett

  • Ladies 4s – Seb Hufton


  • U16s – Seb Hufton

  • U14 girls – Martyn Knox & Charles White

  • U14 boys – Adrian Parrett & Thomas Linford

  • Academy GKs – Simon Recaldin

  • U12 girls – Ann Crockett-McLean & TBC

  • U12 boys – Cameron McLean & TBC

  • U10 girls – Tim Burch

  • U10 boys – Paul Eagles

  • U10 herons – Jacky Nullis

  • U8s – Rachael Vickers, Anna Hall & assistants

  • Junior GKs – Paul Robinson-Marsh

This is an exciting time for the club as we embark on this new partnership. We have taken this step in direct response to the member feedback, and hope that it will focus our attention on giving the members what they want and need to be the best they can be.

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