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End of Season 2019-2020 Awards Senior & Junior

Congratulations to all of our winners in the end of season junior awards. Due to COVID restrictions, awards for the 2019-2020 season were not announced or presented until last weekend.

Senior Awards

Men's 1sts

Top Goal Scorer 2019/20 - Tom M

Players’ Player 2019/20 - Sam Smith

Captain’s Player 2019/20 - Tom M

Most Improved 2019/20 - Benjamin S & Ryan P

Men's 2nd

Top Goal Scorer 2019/20 - Simon Higgs

Players’ Player 2019/20 - Thomas L

Captain’s Player 2019/20 - Thomas L

Most Improved 2019/20 - Jacob M

Men's 3rd

Top Goal Scorer 2019/20 - Craig Joynes

Captain’s Player 2019/20 - Dan Jackson & Ciaran Logue

Player’s Player 2019/20 - Tom S

Most Improved 2019/20 - Tim G

Ladies 1st

Top Goal Scorer 2019/20 Sophie Chambers

Players’ Player 2019/20 - Rosie S

Captain’s Player 2019/20 - Katherine Hawkins

Most Improved 2019/20 - Bea S

Ladies 2nd

Top Goal Scorer 2019/20 - Bea S, Ellie S, Ann Crockett-McLean & Mel Woods

Players’ Player 2019/20 - Lily Dean

Captain’s Player 2019/20 - Hannah Bond

Most Improved 2019/20 - Polly R

Ladies 3rd

Top Goal Scorer 2019/20 - Ann Crockett-McLean

Players’ Player 2019/20 - Edith S

Players’ Player 2019/20 - Rachel Copson

Captain’s Player 2019/20 - Beth Dickens

Most Improved 2019/20 - Amelie P

Ladies 4th

Top Goal Scorer 2019/20 - Georgia S

Players’ Player 2019/20 - Sam Wade

Captain’s Player 2019/20 - George Redican

Most Improved 2019/20 - Eve W

Junior Awards

We were lucky enough to be joined by Olympic Gold Medalist and Newark Hockey Club alumni Shona McCallin to help present some of the awards to our fantastic players and volunteers, thanks Shona!


Holly - Most improved U10

Oscar - U10 boys Most improved

Maisie - U10 coaches award

Zak - U10 Coaches award

U16s and GKs

Oskar - U16 Most Improved

George - U16 coaches player


David - U12 Coaches Award

William - U12 Most Improved

Scarlett - U 12 Coaches Award

Outstanding Junior Awards

Emily & Seren - Outstanding Junior Girls Award (The Shakespeare Award)

Josh C - Outstanding Junior BoyTim Burch Award

Polly - Academy Outstanding Female

Josh K - Academy Player of the year (no photo)

Tim - Junior GK of the Year


Emma - U 14s Most Improved

Daniel - U14s Most Improved

Edith - U14s girls coaches award (no photo)

Luke - U14s boys coaches award (no photo)

Volunteer Awards

The Laughton Award for Volunteer of the Year for Newark Juniors - Amanda Munro (presented by Bruce Laughton)

George - Outstanding Helper Award

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