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Match Report - 5th December

Following changes to the government guidance, all senior league matches have been cancelled until the new year. Members living outside of Nottinghamshire are not able to play for Newark, as such, a few of the Lincolnshire based senior players have formed an 'Exiles Team' and have arranged friendly fixtures with other Lincolnshire clubs. Their first match was on Saturday.

"The Exiles made their debut today playing Leadenham at Boston (yes - it’s mad). We took along a mixed squad and then mixed it further to balance the teams so Susan Tate, Emily Crisp and Tricia Trafford were further exiled and joined the Leadenham men. First blood went to Lucy and this was soon to be followed by another goal from Rosie Campbell.

There was another great goal from the Wade family with Sam Wade happening to be in the right place at the right time (thereby taking no credit) receiving a cross from Lucy Wade that had originally been belted up the pitch by Nick Wade who has been dragged out of retirement and dusted off!

Cameron definitely got onto the score sheet too - and Melanie was much too sportsmanlike to grab the final touch, but she got a goal of her own in the second half.

The final score was somewhere in the region of 5-3 in Newark's favour, but nobody cared as we were all too ecstatic just to be out there!

Hockey - we are back and loving it!"

Thanks to Sam Wade and Tricia Trafford for organising fixtures for the 'Exiled' members and to Leadenham for the fixture.

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