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Match Reports - Sat 3rd October 2020

Ladies 2s v Boots 4s

The heavens opened as the ladies stepped out onto the pitch to face Boots 4’s. Despite the pouring rain, Newark dominated from the beginning. Their hard work was rewarded 15 minutes into the game when Mel Woods found herself one on one with the goalie and calmly slipped the ball past her. Thanks to Amy Crouch’s handy work in the D, Newark were awarded a short corner before half time. Newark made it count with Zara L claiming her first goal of the season.

Back out onto the pitch for the second half, Newark were passing the ball around with ease. Amazing teamwork from the whole team. Sue, Lauren, Rosie and Alice in midfield didn’t stop battling. Plenty of opportunities at goal but unfortunately Newark struggled to convert any of them.

Final score 2-0

Player - Zara, Amy and Mel

Daisy - Hannah

Ladies 3s v Beeston 5s

The Newark side got off to a strong start moving the ball around the pitch with lots of great link-ups. The first half presented Newark with some strong attempts on goal, but Newark couldn’t covert.

After some great defending and some super saves by the keeper, Beeston slipped 2 past Newark in the first half. Newark started the second half strong, taking a shot on goal within the first few minutes, again just was not meant to be. Newark kept battling on and making some great defending efforts, as the weather became progressively worse some defending mistakes meant that Beeston was able to score 2 more goals.

Newark ended on a high when Claire swept a cracking ball past Beeston.

Player of the match - Thea

Final score 4-1 to Beeston.

Ladies 4s V Ashfield Aztecs 4s

Score: 7-1 win

Goals: Hannah S (6), Emma 1

Player: Hannah S

What a great start to the season, Hannah S scoring a hat-trick in the first half and another hat-trick in the second half. Well done to all our junior players who held their own during the match, especially to Emma who also scored. Defence was strong with some great stops by Hannah B and Lydia in goal.

Men’s 2s v North Notts £s

The men’s 2s played North Notts in a fairly one-sided game with two goals coming from the captain Seb Hufton and some brilliant play from man of the match Jacob to set up Logan at the back post. Overall a great performance and hopefully more to come.

Final Score 3-0 to Newark MOM - Jacob

Ladies 1s v Beeston last weekend

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